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Resources to help you turn over a new leaf

Cannabis is legal in Illinois as of January 1, 2020*. But your marijuana-related criminal record might still be holding you back. We can help you clear your record to turn over a new leaf.

*Source: 410 ILCS 705 Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.

If you do not qualify for New Leaf services or want to clear other types of criminal records, check out our general expungement and sealing resources.

Clear your cannabis offenses

Our Cannabis Legalization and Expungement Basics guide can help you through the process of clearing your cannabis arrest or conviction. 

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While cannabis is legal in Illinois, there are still a number of areas of your life that can be impacted. 

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If you have a cannabis conviction, or a complicated case, there are free lawyers who can help. Apply for help below or call (855) 963-9532.

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What is New Leaf Illinois?

New Leaf Illinois is a statewide, state-funded initiative made up of 20 non-profit organizations throughout Illinois who provide free legal representation or legal information to people who want their cannabis convictions off their record.

We know the legal system can seem intimidating. New Leaf is here to help each step of the way.