Meet Nikki* in southern Illinois

I am the proud mom of a young daughter, and her well-being is my first priority. Her dad and I divorced a while back and me and him are going through a pretty nasty child support case. He owes more than $5000 in child support, forcing me to make choices like paying for my daughter’s medication over mine. 

It's been a rollercoaster of emotions and trying to figure everything out alone, which is what I have to do because I don't have the means to afford an attorney and couldn’t get help from legal aid.

The legal system is a tedious game. But to ‘win,’ I have to play the game. Not just play it, but play it right. For the sake of my daughter and me, mistakes could not happen. Before I found ILAO, I felt confused all the time. And lost. 

I have always been a fighter. I am 100% Irish! So I strapped on my boots to figure this out. That's how I came across Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO).

And ILAO was just amazing for me. ILAO opened a book of resources and tools that helped me start the ‘battle’ and stay strong through the process.

Once I found ILAO, I got my strength back. I knew I had it in me all along - I just didn't know how to use it properly. Doing it alone, there were days that I wanted to give up. But I would get on the ILAO website and push right through those feelings and regain my fighting spirit.

Using ILAO, I did what I needed to do to get her child support back on track. I still have a long time to go before she turns 18. ILAO is my sidekick - my rock - from here on out. 

By supporting ILAO, you are helping people like me stay strong and fight for their families. May your holidays be bright,


*Not her real name

Shadow of mom holding a child's hand

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