ILAO is a team of leaders

Illinois Legal Aid Online's small and mighty staff are committed to working towards justice for all. ILAO's staff is supported by an engaged and inspiring Board of Directors, and an enthusiastic and ambitious Young Professionals Board. Additionally, ILAO is indebted to its amazing volunteers, most of whom help from remote locations.

Collectively, the ILAO community makes an enormous impact on the lives of Illinoisans. ILAO will serve more than 3 million people this year.

Thank you to everyone who makes ILAO's important work happen 24/7!

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Board of Directors

The ILAO Board of Directors is a diverse group of leaders and innovators who are passionate about using innovation to meet the legal needs of Illinois lower income individuals. Are you interested in joining the board? Contact [email protected].

Young Professionals Board

Our Young Professionals Board are promising leaders who are committed to supporting and disseminating information about ILAO through networking, socializing and fundraising. Are you interested in joining? Contact [email protected].

Our Staff

Illinois Legal Aid Online's staff members are committed to innovation, simplifying the law and legal processes, and using technology to help people solve their legal problems and get justice. Each member of our team is a leader in their own right and contributes unique and important skills and experience to ILAO's mission.

Meet our staff

It takes technology, coffee, naps, inspiration and teamwork to build a great website!
Our Partners

We partner with people and organizations throughout Illinois to deepen our community relationships, inform our legal products, and increase our visibility to further ILAO’s reach and impact.

Our partners

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Volunteer opportunities at ILAO

ILAO is a small organization with a BIG impact. Hundreds of dedicated volunteers help us to simplify the law so that all people can seek justice. ILAO could not do its critical work without its amazing volunteers!

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